PRODUCT REVIEW: Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo and Hair Mask

A “repairing and protection” shampoo – à la sève d’olivier et lait d’acacia (olive tree sap and acacia milk). I wasn’t aware that tree sap was beneficial for hair but there you have it.


First and foremost this shampoo smells delicious. This is really important for me as perfume is an obsession of mine. The scent isn’t sickly sweet but rather clean, without being chemical-like. The smell has a 2 day lasting power as well which is quite impressive.

Secondly, this IS a SLS and silicone shampoo so frankly for really damaged and fragile hair I wouldn’t recommend it. Besides, I dont believe that any products are miraculously able to repair severely damaged hair (for haircare tips for damaged hair see here). Nevertheless, it is relatively gentle, efficient and smells gorgeous. So an excellent all-rounder.

The advantages of the mask are that it is silicone-free. It is better than the conditioner, so I use it as such. After two minutes it works just as well and my fine hair doesn’t feel weighed down.

The value for money here is also excellent, the most you can expect to pay for the 250ml shampoo is 3.40€, 2.70£, 3.80$. The mask is a little more expensive but the 300ml tub lasts a long time.

All in all: 7/10. 


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