PRODUCT REVIEW : Ciate Geltox ©Nail Starter Kit

I think every modern woman would agree that having polished appearance includes immaculate nails, and in search of this I have spent a fortune at the salon having gel and shellac manicures.

Recently, I came across Ciate Geltox© Nail Starter Kit that claims to use your existing (non gel) nail varnishes and still get that professional salon finish at home, a bold claim methinks, so thought I would give it a trial.


The kit comes in a compact box that includes: Geltox © LED Lamp, Top Coat, Cleanser, Four Way buffer, Hoof Stick and an instructions leaflet as well as a sheet that has Essential Application Tips.


I have tried the kit a good dozen times now and improving the results as I go along. The advantages of the system are:

  1. You can use your existing nail base coats and varnishes instead of specialized gel ones.
  1. The shine and finish is comparable to salon gel nails.
  1. The LED lamp comes pre timed so there’s on danger of over cooking your nails.
  1. Removal is straightforward with either the Ciate Detox Kit or filing the tops gently and soaking off in varnish remover.
  1. Cost the Kit is £99, Detox Kit £25 and replacement TopCoat £29

The disadvantages:

  1. The main downfall is that to use this system well, you have to be proficient at giving yourself a good manicure without getting any polish onto the cuticles or the sides of your fingers as that will prevent the Geltox© TopCoat from sealing the polish underneath. If you do get any, make sure you clean it off before applying the Topcoat or your polish will peel away. You also need to keep all your nails oil free so that the TopCoat can form a strong bond.
  1. I work my nails very hard and am certainly not one to wimp out of things at the prospect of breaking a nail and realistically I think you can expect them to last for around a week/10 days, perhaps longer if you are careful and wear gloves etc.
  1. The whole process takes easily an hour depending on how many coats you apply and how long they take to dry.

So overall would I recommend it– yes, provided you can give yourself a good manicure you should do well with this as long as you follow the Essential Application Tips to the letter.

Results as shown below using Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish and Ciate Geltox .




  1. Abby Chinery

    I have a gel nail kit at home too, but this looks great because you can use all your own nail varnishes instead of buying special (& expensive) gel ones! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love Of Mode

    I love getting gel at a salon. I tried many of the no light required gel manicure nail polishes but they don’t really work. I’d love to have this kit at home! nut maybe I should let my nails grow a little more first. Thanks for the honest review!


    Tamara –


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