Fuller, more defined Eyebrows: Eyebrow powder by Christian Faye


I was recently enjoying the benefits of a spa day with girlfriends and feeling relaxed and slightly tipsy from the effects of the sauna and a couple of glasses of fizz, I decided to experiment with this semi permanent eyebrow powder.

Now this is not usual behavior for me as I have no real issues with my eyebrows, but wishing to fill in the odd 15 minutes before we all met again after our respective treatments, I booked in for an eyebrow consultation- of course, what else is one to do.

The beautician explained that thick, luxuriant eyebrows are a sign of youth and something we should all aspire to. I nearly choked on my cucumber water at that point as I, like a lot of women, have been battling against such luxuriance thank you very much.

Then she matched the colour of my eyebrows from a range of 8 colour shades and used a clear plastic stencil to shape my brow. I was impressed; they looked natural, fuller, under control and yes even luxuriant, so I promptly bought a kit.

The kit comes with the powder which is semi permanent, which means that it doesn’t need touching up throughout the day and is water resistant. (I use eye makeup remover to get it off). A small angled brush made with natural fibres is included along with a set of 3 clear plastic stencils that can be used to provide a thin, normal or thicker shaped brow as desired.


The product is easy to use, although I use just the brush, and yes it lasts all day and makes a visible difference to the whole face. I am very impressed and think it’s good value for money and retailing at around £18 a useful addition to the make up arsenal.


4 thoughts on “Fuller, more defined Eyebrows: Eyebrow powder by Christian Faye

    1. lifestylelodestar

      It is a powder and looks realistic on thin eyebrows. But depending on how much hair is growing back it might not look 100% realistic. Although it is one of the best powder eyebrow kits out there, you might want to try the Avon eyebrow gel, it has small synthetic hairs in the gel which is very lifelike and filling. Thanks for commenting

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