When husbands explain make-up…


After seeing some hilarious posts on other beauty blogs, we decided to try it out for ourselves!



Put on bare skin to hold make-up on top? Prepares the surface? Like painting a wall, right?


Put on over the primer, to texture the skin (?) Another layer to make the make-up stick


What you put on your nose when you go to the toilet (cheeky grin)


Ah-ha! This one is for concealing blemishes and dark spots, to make the skin colour uniform. I know because we looked for the right one for an hour in the department store?


Put it on your skin for colour…and shine?


The red one, that goes on your cheeks? I think they used to call it rouge


To make text stand out, I guess it makes parts of your face stand out


Eyelashes! To make them look darker and longer


Eyelids! To make them look… dark? But then… whats the point of concealer?


Goes around the rim of the eye to make it black, cause apparently that looks nice

Brow pencil?

Colour in the eyebrows once you’ve plucked them all off. Or you can have them tattooed back on!


I heard lipstick was like a baboons bum, to attract prospective mates (…nice!)

Setting Spray?

A spray to go on the top of the make-up to protect it

BB Cream?

Not a clue. Face cream?





So… How well did yours do?… 😉

(Oh, I just had an idea, what happens when husbands DO your make-up for you? Stay posted)

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