Diptyque: Philosykos Eau de Parfum Review


Fig, fig and more fig!

Around since 1996, the unisex fragrance Philosykos has fig and fig leaf notes in top, heart and base notes so it certainly takes the starring role in this classic Diptyque creation.

What is especially striking was the unusual pairing of such fresh woody notes with the heavy and creamy coconut heart notes.

The  white cedar gives a clean soapy feel and could almost make it a masculine scent were it not tempered with a berry-like sweetness, which doesn’t immediately dissipate like many perfumes.

At the risk of disagreeing with the majority, I personally prefer this is as a comforting winter day perfume as I find theres a lot of warmth in the cloying sweet coconut notes.


That said, it is less transparent and fresh than the EDT version, which would be ideal for hot summer days.

The only criticisms would be the green notes which can be interpreted as too synthetic and reminiscent of freshly cut grass, not necessarily a deal breaker, but the vegetal dampness is very linear and not for everyone.

Indeed, this perfume isn’t for everyone, which in my eyes (or nose?) is a good thing, I cannot abide cheap, ubiquitous scents, and this is definitely an unexpected scent that will turn heads.

A very unique fragrance for a unique woman, one who enjoys green, woody, fresh notes.

Philosykos  is also available in scented shower gel and body lotion, which I imagine, would leave you feeling as fresh as a fig grove after a Mediterranean rain shower…


  • The top notes are fig leaf and fig.
  • The heart notes are coconut and green notes.
  • The base notes are cedar, woody notes and fig tree.

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